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(Retro) Palm links

2004-12-28 , ,

While I’m waiting for my replacement PDA, I thought I would
inventory the software I use. Here is my choice of Palm software
in all its 1990’s retro glory:

  • [DateBook5 from Pimlico Software](, the best day planner for Palm.
  • [SuperNames](, a nifty address book.
  • [Memoplus](, feature rich memo editor.
  • [Launch ‘Em and Syncalc](
  • [Plucker]( a free ebook and offline reader tool.
  • [Fitaly2](, an on-screen keyboard.
  • The STRIP password manager from [Zetetic](
  • BeamBox (seems to have no home page) for beaming any file.
  • [X-Master](, a very good hack manager.
  • [LispMe]( a Scheme interpreter. Why? Because it’s cool.
  • [Quartus]( a Forth compiler. Why? Because it’s cool.
  • [Vexed](, a freeware puzzle game.
  • [Frobnitz]( a freeware Z-Code interpreter and a few [Scott Adams game files](
  • [iRogue](, a port of Rogue. I wish there were a port of NetHack…



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