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Dead palm #4

2004-12-27 , ,

I’ve managed to destroy another PDA. This is my fourth Palm Pilot and my third IIIxe. The first was a Palm III, destroyed by a leaking battery (and my attempt to clean it). The second was a IIIxe, which went into a continuous hard reset and was replaced under warranty. The third was another IIIxe, dropped. This IIIxe died on its own, slowly, resetting itself or locking up more and more frequently, with no explanation and no visible injury until finally I could not trust it. Taking it apart and blowing out the dust didn’t help and I declared it dead.

I was a somewhat early adopter, liked what I found and saw no reason to change. My needs seem simple:

  • date planner
  • address book
  • notebook or memo pad
  • compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
  • replaceable batteries

but that doesn’t match the marketing of gadgets. I don’t need color, sound, MP3s, a camera, bluetooth or an expansion card. I don’t want to work on Excel or Word documents or PDFs or web surf. Even rechargeable batteries are unnecessary; unless I’m near an outlet of the appropriate voltage they’re useless. Palm, now PalmOne, has forgotten why the early adopters bought into the original Pilot. What is needed is a pocket-size equivalent to the old Dayrunner.

It took me more than an hour of searching to find a replacement. One, just one, vendor had a single unit of remaining new old stock. It happens to be a Handspring Visor. It’s faster and has an expansion slot. Not that it matters. If I like it, and I’m pretty sure I will, I’ll troll ebay for a few more just so I can have a replacement when I break this one.



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