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Oh, well. End of season.

2004-11-28 , ,

Yesterday was gorgeous. Sunny, clear, dry and temperatures in the low fifties.
I did not get in a ride. We drove two hours each way to attend the baptism of our friend’s
new born daughter. Attention to a friendship is more important even than riding.

Today I had time and, of course, the rain was pouring with temperatures in the low forties
and accompanied by forty mile per hour gusts of wind. I did not take a ride today.

I have accepted that the season is over and have my supplies ready. I made a start but did not get much done in my landlord’s garage. There’s no power out there.
Running my extension cord across the concrete patio from the house in the puddled
rain sounded like a bad idea. That and I don’t have a working shop light. A trip to Lowes
is due. Despite that, I started winterizing the fuel tanks and carbs in the half dark of the garage. I pulled back the covers and put gas stabilizer in the fuel tanks. I ran both bikes until they were good and warm and the stinky smoke of the Stabil was coming from the exhaust pipes, closed the petcocks and when they stalled, shut them down and pulled the covers over them.

One dry evening this week I’ll push them out, warm them up and take each for a last short ride around the neighborhood. I’ll top off the gas and change the oil and plugs. I’ll pull the battery from both and keep them indoors and trickle charge them occasionally. I already replaced the air filter on the Honda and the filters on the BMW are from late in the season and nearly new. For good measure I’ll replace the oil in the gear box and final drive on the BMW too.



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