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The old in and out?

2004-11-15 , ,

I just got back from a few days off, arrived at JFK, and now I turn around and
fly out for work, leaving from LGA. This is not how I like to plan these things but I have meetings tomorrow and the idea of a 6am flight didn’t sound so good. I’ll catch up on the 1000+ backlog of work email over the next couple of days.


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2004-11-24 14:44 , monika

How have you been? I hope we get a chance to visit w/ y\'all this weekend. At a minimum, catch up via tele. Hope all is well.
PS: could you please update the ode to kitties. Please represent the living: If I remember correctly there is a fat cat you saved named Hadley who is living the life of luxury out there...

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