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It could have been worse

2004-09-07 , ,

So our nice, four-year-old and paid for VW got smashed up this
Saturday in Delaware county. No one was hurt but the other car was totaled.
Ours was drivable but not safe to drive- the driver door was bent open- and it was flatbedded
to the nearest VW dealer. I’ll know tomorrow what the insurance adjuster says happens to it. Sort of ironic that we live in driving hell and have driven hundreds of thousands of miles in
and around NYC and the car gets smashed in the middle of nowhere.

How did it happen? The other driver made a mistake. A woman with her husband, two kids
and dog on their way to vacation tried- and failed- to pass us… going down hill… across
a double yellow… as we signaled and slowed to turn left onto a side road to our rental cabin.
She ground along the side of our car and then panicked, locking
her brakes and slammed nose first into the guard rail at the point of
the left turn, punching the rail from a convex curve to concave about
five feet off its mounting posts.

I have to get the photos developed. I hope I don’t need them. Our insurance wants a copy.

Thanks to friends and family we were able to borrow a car and finish
our vacation until the car rental agencies reopened after the long weekend.



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