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Fun and games with Bochs

2004-07-24 , ,

I was cleaning up my office and found in a storage box of floppy disks an old
DOS-based game, VGA Planets. It was one of the first and is still the best play by
email turn-based games ever written. There are [newer versions available from the author
Tim Wisseman on his web site]( but I wanted to play another
round of the old game. One catch, I don’t have a machine running DOS. I know, I’ll run Bochs and everything will be great. So I end up frittering away most of an afternoon and then two evenings with [FreeDOS]( and DRDOS to find out, finally, that the
video mode support is flakey and the game is more or less playable but
[VPA, the VGA Planets Assistant]( that I rely on won’t
render it’s screens properly under the emulator. I even tried [VMWare]( and while it’s faster the video support for the odd-ball modes is even worse.

Oh, well.



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