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Quick ride this evening

2004-07-11 , ,

Snapped off a fast hundred miles this evening. My parents and in-laws were over
for a late lunch/early dinner this afternoon so a real Sunday ride was out of the question
but when they left, I figured I had two hours of solid daylight left so I put my gear on and
rode North.

It’s frequently a mess but once I cleared the stop light to stop light scrum on the
West Side Highway, the Sawmill Parkway was all but empty; it was as if someone had
cleared the lanes and hung out a sign,“Ross’ Road.”
Not wanting to disappoint whatever luck it was that had smiled upon me
(Useless biker trivia: did you know that the Vatican has a patron saint for motorcyclists?
It’s true. Columbanus, a 7th C. Irish monk), I ran hard and fast to Katonah. The Sawmill
has a fair number of nicely graded turns that at, uh, nominal speeds are worth taking.
It also has a couple of off-camber turns, several decreasing-radius downhill turns and
a few really nasty mid-corner bumps that will remind you to slow down.
There was traffic on 684 and the local route 35, so I took the hint and spun around to
wick it back down the still quiet Sawmill and got home before dusk.



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