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Great morning ride

2004-07-03 , ,

I woke up early and took a ride before it got too hot. I didn’t have anywhere particular to
go and wasn’t meeting anyone so I meandered my way out into New Jersey.

I rode through Brooklyn on Ft. Hamilton parkway to the Verrazano to Staten Island.
There I went down Father Capodanno Boulevard to Hylan. I rode into, and quickly out of,
Great Kills park. It’s a dead end for vehicles but bicycles could probably pass. Staten Island
parks are nice before 9am, there are a few people exercising and, given its
well-deserved reputation, the air is surprisingly fresh.

I continued to the Southern end of the island and Tottenville.
I rode slowly around, trying to find a way to the shore but there isn’t any.
There really isn’t any accessible shore except in the parks but I did take the time to
admire the Victorian era houses. I picked up Amboy road and wandered around.
Sadly, the McMansions that plague New Jersey have cropped up even near the historic Richmond settlement. I’ve heard that they’ve revised their zoning in response to it.

The sun was warm and I felt good so I followed what I thought was a huge service road
to the Korean War Vets highway but was actually Drumgoole and when it ran out,
Richmond Ave. People were out and about by now and the traffic was getting to be what
I expected so I cut over to Arthur Kill Road and headed to the Goethals figuring I could
escape it by heading West.

From the New Jersey side, I hauled up the New Jersey Turnpike to Route 46, where I cut West to Denville in the Mountain Lakes region. It’s one of the prettiest parts of New Jersey.
From Denville, I swung back to 202 and up into Boontown. Outside of Boontown, I got
a little lost and rode more or less North on Boontown Ave until I saw a sign for
Route 23 and shortly thereafter ones for the lakes bordering New York state.
I turned around and rode 23 back toward I-80 and the Turnpike.

Splitting lanes, I crossed the GWB in minutes. No automobile driver would be as lucky.
Idiots, and it’s an insult to low-functioning people everywhere to grace these
complete boneheads with the name “idiot”, had succeeded in closing off the three
leftmost E-Z Pass lanes by trying to cheat the long lines for Cash & Receipts lanes
and sneak into the gates from the left.
If I were a Port Authority cop, I’d empty my ticket book on the entire pack of losers.

A floating city- I didn’t notice which cruise line- had recently docked and I more or
less lane split the entire length of the West Side highway to the Battery Tunnel.

All in all, a nice ride. I need to plan some longer ones outside the metro area.



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