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2004-07-02 , ,

I’ve been busy with, oh, finding a place to live, moving and getting things
set up but I did read a few books:

  • [Motherless Brooklyn]( by Jonathan Lethem. Quirky, suspense novel akin to the hard-boiled private eye genre.
  • [True History of the Kelly Gang]( by Peter Carey.
    The first-person narrative is a good story but the author’s stylization, bereft of punctuation and studded with 19th century affectations, put me off. It took
    several tries before I could finish wading through the pages and, frankly, I’m undecided if it really is that good a story.
  • [The Pragmatic Programmer]( by Andrew Hunt and
    David Thomas. I reread a few technical texts periodically, this is one of them.
    Every programmer should read it at least once.



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