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Moto to Brooklyn

2004-06-19 , ,

Rode the motorcycle down from upstate late this afternoon.
The eighty-four miles were easy and traffic was light but my ezpass gave me
trouble. At the Henry Hudson it did not register and an officer had to wave it over
the sensor on the island and at the Battery Tunnel, at the advice of the attendant, I had to roll the bike backward and forward over the pressure plate
twice before the gate tripped. I suspect the bike isn’t heavy enough to trip the

I need to rig a better mount for it, too. Fumbling with it while paddling on the slick pavement in the gate to keep the bike upright and working clutch and throttle is a recipe for a mishap. The tag vibrates loose from the hook and
loop fasteners on my windshield, probably too much curvature and flexing, making for a fun high-speed grab when it drops and rattles around the top
of the instrument panel, and it’s a hit or a miss if it works when it’s tucked
into an arm or chest pocket on my riding suit.

I’m going to make a stop at Prospect Cycle. They don’t carry my marquee but
seem to be a well-stocked shop for accessories and such. I’ll have to also
check out the local Honda dealer, Brooklyn Cycles.


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