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That's all of it

2004-06-05 , ,

The movers finished in one day but it took me seven more round trips over that and the following two days to get the last of our stuff to the new apartment.
I am expert at packing the Volkswagen but we are not expert at packing
for a move and there was a room-sized pile of things- bags of clothes, computer equipment, potted plants, foodstuffs and odd-sized/shaped or fragile- that
need to be hand moved.
Even with the top down there is a limit to how much you can hope to move
in one trip.
This long weekend, while I suffered more than sixteen hours of torments from
the bitch goddess of travellers, “Traffic”, Maria unpacked and found places
for our things.
My routine consisted of waking up early to get a jump on the other drivers then
a lather, rinse repeat cycle of checking the traffic reports on AM radio to try and
game the highways, driving the all of 25 miles door to door, spending
thirty to forty minutes loading the car, repeating the radio check and
returning (losing, and spending more time in traffic) and in twenty
minutes unload car. Then, before turning around to do it again, I would move
what ever heavy things need to be positioned and take something to eat on
the way.


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