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Maintenance, finally

2004-05-29 , ,

We went up to my in-laws’ place for the weekend and Maria went shopping so
I finally have the time to do the annual maintenance. My informal list consists of:

  • oil change
  • inspect tires and pressue
  • lube cables
  • inspect hoses
  • pull and inspect sparkplug.
  • check brake fluid, hoses and brakes
  • clean chain, check for stretch and relube
  • inspect sprockets for wear
  • check suspension
  • check miscellaneous bushings
    and detail the whole machine.

I like to do the oil change after the engine has warmed up but I didn’t
have time to pull the battery this fall so after one exhausted click, it died.
Not even the lights came on after that. Okay, I think, I have a charger with a
jump start feature.

Except somehow in one of the moves some of the contents of my carton must
have been mixed up with either my father’s or my friend Charlie’s and instead
of my 12 volt quick charger there is a 24 volt charger. Damn. I give a call
to my Dad, who never had any 24 volt equipment, so it must be in Charlie’s
stuff. Damn. I can go to Sears and buy one but Maria has the car.

That left me plenty of time to do the rest of the work. After eleven years the
bike is still in good shape. The front brake hose (only one, it’s drum rear)
looks good but I should replace it with braided stainless.
The rear shocks are okay but I might upgrade them with better parts too.
Not today, though.

Tomorrow, after I charge the battery, I’ll get in a ride. That should warm the
engine up enough to let me do a thorough oil change.


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