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Classroom Instruction

2004-04-30 , ,

I’m leading an off-site training these past two days and part of next week.
My teammates and I wrote the material and proofed it but you don’t know how
it’s going to go until you actually get up there in front of a real class. I’ve done
a handful of trainings for my employer and I’ve taught high school and college
So far, it’s going well. I’m working out the pacing a little, the topics are not of
equal length, and I’m one of the last of several providing technical instruction
on our respective topics so I am finding out what others did or did not cover
in their classes.

After the second day, one of the students walked out of the
building with me and while we chatted on the way to our cars,
remarked that this class was good,
that I was training them instead of just teaching the material. That is the
sort of off-hand comment that makes me feel like I’m doing a good job.


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