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First open air drive of the season

2004-04-11 , ,

Yesterday’s forecast was ugly so we dashed off to New Jersey to do
a shopping run before the crowds made it out. By the time we finished
it was beautiful, if a little cool, so we put the rag top down and went for a
drive instead of returning home.

We stopped at Hiram’s for chili cheese dogs and fries then wandered
vaguely West on Route 5. We found a county road we recognized and
followed it until it hooked up with Route 23 and from there we puttered around until backroads until we got to the lakes region. From there we took roads
North, crossing into New York into Sloatsburg and then meandered around
until we found Route 59 and the Pallisades.

It was a perfect day. Okay, almost perfect. It was a little cool and sometimes
cloudy. And I didn’t wear a hat so now I have the first sunburn of the year on my face and shaved head from the first top-down drive of the year.


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