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Glass Working, Day 2

2004-03-28 , ,

A very good day. Learned a few new techniques and played with molds and textured marvers. Seem to have a handle on gathering, keeping on center and necking the piece. I tried one, modeled after the instructor’s example, where
one person gathers, marves and blocks while the other prepares a small amount
of intensely colored glass and then, when both are ready, the colored glass is wrapped onto the piece. It worked okay, a bit more coordination and it would have been perfect (well, nowhere near perfect, but at least closer to what I intended). It looked very cool. We finished with a demonstration and some quick practice on cold work. The pieces from yesterday were still too hot to work so I need to go back to finish them when today’s are cooled. Sanding and polishing is kind of meditative. I hope so. I have six paperweights to finish.

I loved this (did I mention what a great gift this was enough times?) and I’m
certain to register for additional classes.


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