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Mac OSX X11 and fink

2004-03-25 , ,

I have some things to do in LaTeX but, not having XEmacs and being lazy
(you know what’s coming…), I thought I’d use [Fink]( and pull down TeTeX and [LyX]( I had Apple’s X11 installed
from the Panther CDs so I could run [OpenOffice.Org]( Figuring I’d need it sooner or later, I had also installed the X11SDK at the same time and had used Fink to build a new release of Perl. So with everything working it should have been a no-brainer.

In a nutshell, the X11user package shipped with Panther appears slightly broken. Get the disk image from
[Apple’s X11 site](
and install from it.

I killed an evening trying to get the prerequisites built because Fink would not recognize Apple’s X11 and register the virtual packages for “system-xfree86” and the libraries. I tried the suggestions in the FAQ- rebuild with the latest Fink, clear out the X11 packages and reinstall. Lather, rinse, repeat. On a hunch, I checked Apple’s site for a suggestion and, not finding one, wondered if the disk image held a different package than the one shipped. It seems that the one on the CD doesn’t symlink the libraries in /usr/X11R6/lib correctly. I can’t find anything on the search engines so maybe it’s just me.


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