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Salt, diesel and daydreams

2004-03-20 , ,

It’s late in the season for my annual restlessness and the
turning of my thoughts to doing something- anything- else.
My recurring daydream is to build a boat. Specifically, a coastal
cruiser. I’ll motor down the Eastern seaboard, along the Gulf of
Mexico and swing back into the Caribbean for the return.

Follies like this need fuel so I pulled off my bookshelf
two texts for a re-reading: * [The Troller Yacht]( “The Troller Yacht”) by George Buehler * [Voyaging Under Power]( by Robert Beebe

Adding to the collection, I recently picked up from a roadside junk store a copy of Nigel Calder’s [Marine Diesel Engines]( What’s odd about finding it is that the book isn’t vintage- it was published in 1992- and that the no-man’s land of weird zoning between Coeymans and Ravenna isn’t where I’d ordinarily go looking for books on boating. Who knew. I also ordered a used copy of [Buehler’s Backyard Boatbuilding]( I’m looking forward to reading it.

I may not get farther than looking over the Hudson (or soon the
East) river but at least I have something to occupy my thoughts.


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