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2004-02-29 , ,

What’s new? Well, in the past few days:

  • We put the top down on the volkswagen and enjoyed a little open air driving today. There’s nothing like the first warm days of spring. I would have liked to have taken the motorcycle for a ride this weekend but we had friends to visit, realtors to meet and houses to see.
  • We thought one house we saw recently was perfect but the seller thought our offer was less than perfect. A lot less than perfect. We were surprised
    so we did some investigating the public records- the Internet is great sometimes- and found that he bought it this past December for a little more than a third of what he is asking now. He and his contractors did very nice work converting it back to a single family but not enough to justify his steadfast demand for the top dollar sale on the block. I’m sure he’ll keep us in mind if no one else comes along but I’m not holding my breath. The realtor was great, though. We keep looking… might have even seen it today.
  • We visited friends and drove to New Hope, PA. I think half of New Jersey had the same idea- the streets and shops were packed shoulder-to-shoulder with people.
    There are a hundred shops all trading on the local Delaware canal cachet
    but does anyone actually buy any of the overpriced goods? Sure the town is
    cute, but is it cute enough to warrant a scrum and above list price? I don’t think so. A bright spot is the authentic Mexican food served by the husband and wife
    owners of the Blue Tortilla. The food is great, even if the service isn’t,
    and it makes you wonder how you ate what passes elsewhere for
    "Mexican" food. Their fresh, well-seasoned preparations (I tried a safe bet, flautas) are not the usual heavy chili and cumin stomach-swellers. I
    wish them luck, their small sit-down restaurant makes up for a dozen greasy
    tacquerias doing take-out business.
  • I helped some friends with their new wireless access point before dinner and I can’t believe what passes for an owner’s manual. Sure, the page and a half of illustrated instructions are in three languages but were are the
    product specifications or the installation and troubleshooting guides? Oh, right,
    they’re on the website but if you have one computer you can’t get to the website while you are working on the AP. You can also peruse the interactive configurator on the accompanying CDROM but all it does is reinstall the drivers and launch IE to execute the Windows XP network configurator. No wonder my friends had trouble with it- I had to make a couple of lucky guesses to get to the point where I could get it working. I suspect some of the terminology was translated to English by people who never saw the product. I’ve got a four-letter word or two for that computer company from Texas with the four-letter name.
  • I uploaded a few more pictures. I still have more to sort through, but it’s a start.

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2004-03-01 23:46 , Paul

I think it\'s spelled \"cumin.\" I don\'t know what the hell YOU ate. Sounds icky.

Nice pix. Which house was that?

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