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What's that on my head

2004-02-16 , ,

A bit late getting to this…

This past Sunday our friend Gary invited us to see a play developed by his brother and the fluid circle of members that compose the National Theater of the United States. Occupying an industrial space in DUMBO called The Nest, they presented What’s that on my head!?!.
I can only describe the performance as an Absurdist survey of moments in U.S. history against a backdrop theme of an eternal game show. Some of it was dissonant, other parts emotionally affective, some was funny and some of it, frankly, I just didn’t get but neither did I mind. Particularly interesting was the interactive use of the space- wheeling the entire audience on fixed seats on a platform through the scenes- and the incorporation of genuine first person historical accounts into the dialogue. The wacky conclusion in a war room reminiscent of Dr. Strangelove with a break away to the repetitive bars of a torch song was both derivative and inspired.


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