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Thanks for killing an afternoon

2004-02-14 , ,

Thanks to NEDoD I’ve shot most of an afternoon. Please don’t send any more links to
The Best of Craig’s List. I weaned myself off it a while ago but now that I’ve once again tasted the C.L. juice I’m going to end up going back and pissing away more time.
I somehow managed to tear myself away from the bizarre overwrought MC stories, vicious commentary and self-concious posturing long enough this morning to go for a jog and clean the apartment but I can’t resist reading this crap. Figure in the Saturday morning time already spent on Slashdot and Memepool and I killed half a day. I hate you.


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2004-02-18 12:40 , Paul

Thanks for introducing me to the \"Best of Craig\'s List\"

... bastard!

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