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House hunting

2004-02-09 , ,

We decided that we need more space. It’s neat and tidy but if you’ve seen our apartment that would be easy to predict. Both of us collect books and I hobby with vintage and recently obsolete computers and keep an increasing number of large houseplants including a potted tree. Once you start talking about more room a lot of things that were wound up unspool. Our galley kitchen really needs a pantry. Maria needs closet space and is sick of untangling fishing rods from her dresses and me swearing after toppling all the stacked things on my toolboxes. A bigger refrigerator would be nice. A separate chest freezer would be ideal. I want a place to keep my motorcycle where it won’t pull parking tickets or get abused by bored kids. Maria wants a garage to keep the car, I agree that outside won’t do for the same reason it won’t for the bike. We want to get our bicycles out of storage and actually use them when the weather warms. We kept thinking about getting a cat but couldn’t decide where to keep the litter box. We want a dog someday but the building doesn’t permit it. I have power tools (and more offered by my Dad) that I should either use or get rid of. We’re planning to eventually have a family so we need two extra bedrooms. Maria always wanted to plant a garden. We’d both like a porch and to swap the smoking of a grill pan for a backyard barbecue.

This all sounds reasonable and next thing you know, you’re talking about neighborhoods and getting preapproved for a mortgage. Then you’re talking to realtors and spending your weekends walking though open houses. Yikes! This is real.


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2004-02-09 20:30 , Paul

Don\'t forget an extra room for Paul, for when he\'s \"inbetween\" places! It can be over the garage, like Fonzie\'s pad.

2004-02-09 22:12 , Ross

You know our door is always open.

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