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Getting away with murder

2004-01-22 , ,

New York Times and the Mercury News report that
Bill Janklow, the US Representative from South Dakota who killed a motorcyclist last year after running a stop sign at over 70 miles per hour, was sentenced to 100 days of jail and must pay a total of $11109 in fines and fees. His felony
conviction for second-degree manslaughter forced him to resign from the House of Representatives.
He is ordered to serve the first thirty days in jail but after that he can leave each day to perform ten hours of community service. I would be surprised if that doesn’t translate to living outside and doing community service.
After release, he spends three years on probation during which he cannot drive.

Sounds like he got what he deserved right? The Grand Forks Herald pointed out earlier in the case that the average jail time for a conviction of second degree manslaughter was six months. I’m not so sure that after a decade of reckless driving- including running the same stop sign and nearly hitting a woman- and using his political influence to dodge tickets that he did.
The family of the victim has a civil suit so there may be a bit more handed
out to him before he’s through.


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2004-04-14 18:16 , chris

and it may not have been his first murder, at that.

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