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New BMW GS for 2004, unannounced

2004-01-08 , ,

BMW has a new GS for 2004. No price or availability yet.
Read about it here (

Specs are unofficial, of course. Pretty nice that they shaved over fifteen pounds
off it (depending upon the specs you believe, I’ve read dry weights for 1150’s of
530lb/240kg, so it might be more). Looks like part of the savings was in the
alternator, down 100 to 600 watts. Wheels, front and rear travel and seat height
are unchanged. Displacement, torque and compression are up. ABS might be

See here ( for a little info and photos and photos from UK spy articlehere (

Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will push down the resale value of the older models enough that I can buy one. Yeah, didn’t think so.


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