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2004-01-08 , ,

The blog spam is getting really annoying. Every few days I’m getting a half-dozen or more bogus "comments" consisting of a perfunctory word or two and a link to some site selling V!@GR4, video poker or some other marginal crap. I guess they are hoping to make it into the search engines or lure in the casual reader. I cull the messages immediately but there has to be a better way. I’m not thrilled with the pending queue implementation (the idea is good, though) but the discussion of James Seng’s solution is promising. In order to comment you must enter the randomly generated string displayed for you.


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2004-01-08 22:08 , Ross

It works. If you want to post a comment you need to enter the "security code" that appears at below the comment box with the buttons.
It changes after each click.

Won\'t stop the random turnip-head but it will stop the average bot.

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