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Back from Florida

2003-12-28 , ,

Back from Florida…

Karen and Russ got engaged! I have pictures. I put them on snapfish and I’ll eventually get them on here.

On the way out we rode the new AirTrain at JFK. Conveniently linking
mass-transit, parking and all the terminals together almost brings JFK up to
the standards set by nearly every other international airport in a
major U.S. city… except the NY/NJ Port Authority reams you for $5 per person
each way for the ride. In case you had any ideas, they stopped running buses, making the tram the only way to get from the subway to the airport.
Nice. You can go the nearly thirty miles from
the top of the Bronx to outer edge of Brooklyn for $2 with MTA but it’s $5 to
go less than two miles with PANYNJ. If you recall, the statements about the AirTrain were full of how the $3 per passenger FAA-approved airport surcharge would allow it to be built and operated with no State or Federal taxes. They left
out how they would hose the riders if the funding didn’t come through.

In any event, on the heels of this trip I have some phrases you only
hear in the South:

  • (Overheard in front of a Publix market) Well, I’ll have to defer to Moses’s law on that one…
  • (Everywhere, to us) Where’s all y’all from?
  • (Everywhere, from us) What’s taking so long?


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