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The SUV link

2003-12-22 , ,

A member of a motorcycle email list forwarded a link today and it got me thinking.

I love driving and motorcycling so I have really mixed feeling when people take after SUV owners. I sometimes think it is the thin end of the wedge and any day some of these people will turn their focus on my vehicles, both of which get good mileage but neither are "green" (though I can make a good argument that my moto is, but that is a topic for another entry). That said, the suburban and, worse, urban SUV represent a lot of things I find objectionable about our culture. I’m of the opinion that you shouldn’t drive a truck unless you need it and if you need it you should get the commercial registration and plates, pay the taxes, keep out of the left lane and stay off the parkways. It’s a fully enclosed truck. If you needed a station wagon or pickup you should have gotten one. We should make allowances for the people who live more than, arbitrarily, 20 miles from a large urban center or make their living by farming or trades like contracting. If you live in Northern New Jersey and work a desk in Manhattan and still want it to take the kids to the store in a 4500lb. vehicle, fine… just pay up and suffer the incoveniences. We shouldn’t encourage you or the manufacturers.

So I get a chuckle out of the three-year-old "I’m changing the climate" bumper stickers sold at this site and here, in all its bad taste, is the link to a site dedicated to random people expressing their opinion on the Hummer H2…FUH2.


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