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2003-12-17 , ,

What’s been going on…

  • We had "Comp" day last week and received our bonus numbers. Firm had a good year and so did we. I compare it to finding a $50 bill on the ground… I don’t plan my life around it but it’s nice when it happens. Helps to validate the effort all year.
  • Much in the way of holday parties, drinks and dining with my coworkers. I skipped the firm office party- I know why they schedule them on mid-week nights and that I should go, but getting some sleep seemed like a better idea. Maybe next year. I enjoy more the little gatherings.
  • Got reamed for supposedly screwing up an internal-but-widely seen web-based project. Turns out it’s the corporate filtering proxy and some very subtle timing/rendering issues with Javascript on some browsers. The acknowlegement that my code was correct when not filtered was not nearly as loud as the earlier chastising. Suckage.
  • Digesting an internal course on our global namespace and change management from its implementer. Excellent.
  • Production change blackout starts this week. Good time to clean up and study some new APIs we’re releasing. I will eventually be teaching the use of these so it’s doubly important.


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