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2003-12-08 , ,

During the snow storm I noticed that my wireless network signal was awful. I fired up MacStumbler and, as I expected, I was getting interference from a neighbor’s access point. I changed my AP’s channel and updated my nodedb entry and checked the signal. Now I picked up a weak signal from a third AP. Walking around the apartment I picked up five 802.11b access points in addition to my own. I’ve listed it below:

Apt4D 6 WEP Delta
Cabrini 8 No Linksys
YAY 6 WEP Linksys or Broadcom (probably WRT54G)
Apt3J 6 No Linksys 1 No Linksys
linksys 6 No Linksys

Interesting, no? Two years ago I walked the neighborhood and picked up only eight access points. Other than the folks who enabled WEP, but didn’t bother to chose a different channel, I wonder if the owners know they are transmitting well outside their apartment.


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