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Best card game in years!

2003-11-16 , ,

apples-to-applesLast night at my brother’s place friends of his brought over the funniest card game I have played in years: Apples to Apples. The six of us laughed for a solid two hours.

The concept and play is simple: everyone gets seven cards with nouns on them and the dealer turns over a card from a separate pile with an adjective on it. The players then race to be the first four to throw a card from their hand that best matches the dealt card. The dealer then judges the played cards and the one deemed best- criteria are flexible here, pandering to the judge is suggested- wins the round. The deal shifts and the new dealer fills the player hands for a new round.

It is the perfect word association game- smart, fun, easy, fast and it mixes really well with cocktails. We bought the game and the card expansion pack this evening and plan to bring with us for our holiday visits.


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