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Thanks EZ Pass

2003-11-15 , ,

I received a letter from EZ Pass warning me that my pass was only to be used with a motorcycle and that its misuse with a car would result in it being suspended and possibly confiscated on the spot. I was surprised and checked that the one in the car was the right one and that the one in my ‘stich was for the cycle. I assumed it was sent as a mistake and I threw the letter away.

Today, several members of the NYC Moto email list mentioned getting similar letters. Looks like the administrators of the EZ Pass system figure that motorcyclists are by definition an untrustworthy bunch and that they should remind the surly lot of cheats, crooks and thieves that they, the upright defenders of order, were on to them. At least that was the tone of the letter.

EZ Pass is a convenience, and if you regularly travel the bridges and toll roads, a necessary evil. However it’s less than fifty percent likely that the pass will work with a motorcycle in the gates and that they originally recommended that motorcyclists not use the automatic gates (hello! that is the point!) they border on losing their intended benefit of convenience. If this is the stance they intend to take with their customers they will shortly find themselves with a few less.


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2004-05-03 23:41 , patrick casimir

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May God bless you

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