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Dead palm, revived

2003-11-13 , ,

So my Palm Pilot died yesterday. I was furious. I had broken a number of them with not so gentle handling but this one just upped and died on its own- unprovoked! I was about to toss it away and try to buy a used one when I remembered that I had one with a smashed screen lying around (yes, I’m hard on my toys). Maybe, I thought, I could swap the good screen on this one with the good circuit board of the other? I disassembled the recently deceased gadget and it was full of fuzz. Real fuzz. Dust bunnies of gray pocket lint. I pulled the whole thing apart and blew it out then cleaned out the remaining dust with an alcohol soaked swab. I reassembled it and tested. To my relief, it worked.

I had never heard of this with a handheld. It seems that this Palm 3xe has a loose case and admitted the fuzz over the past three years. Weird.


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