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2003-11-03 , ,

Finished reading Chamond Liu’s Smalltalk, Objects and Design. The book is a fair introduction to Smalltalk and the environment specific stuff is just that, environment specific, but the passages on OO software design patterns are first rate. I have never read a clearer, easier to understand primer on OO patterns. I wish I had read those chapters ten years ago; it might have saved me some time and frustration.

Borrowed a copy of Eric Meyer’s On CSS. You might think I can’t get enough of w3c standards but after this I’ll have had plenty. I haven’t started it yet but I have a long weekend coming up.

Also borrowed a copy of Diomidis Spinellis’ Code Reading. I’ve only read the preface and introduction but I need to order a copy for myself. It’s the kind of technical book that I’ll want to carry around and dog ear by reading every chance I get.

Maria passed me The Fasting Girl by Michelle Stacey. It is the researched account of the Victorian era New York medical hoax (I assume) Mollie Fancher who claimed to suffer bouts of paralysis and experience trances and lived for a dozen years on nothing more than a few bits of fruit and crackers. Looks very interesting.


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