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Wireless abuse

2003-11-02 , ,

This evening someone in my building decided that my public wireless node was for leeching music with edonkey. It’s not. Now, after nearly two years of letting people use it, I have to firewall off everything outbound but a handful of ports. Idiot.


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2003-11-02 23:04 , Ross

After putting in fairly fascist port blocking at my firewall from the wireless access point, I grabbed my own laptop to test. Okay. Still annoyed, I loaded up some tools to see what I could find and discovered that whomever was battering my node with filesharing traffic in fact is the owner of a Linksys AP of somekind (MAC 00:06:25:...) and a Linksys card (MAC 00:40:05:...). They probably didn\'t even realize it was my AP they were on. Not sure what to do now. Maybe put a letter in the building common area? Would someone like this even understand? Or care?

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