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Must be my lucky day

2003-11-02 , ,

My laptop for the past three or four years was a Toshiba 7020 that I saved from the trash. It had suffered a broken LCD and, figuring it was worth $100 to try fixing myself, I replaced the screen with one from ebay. For another $60 I added 128MB RAM. It’s worked well enough- for the price- but suddenly the power regulator failed and it will neither charge nor run off batteries, making it a less than portable.

It’s time to upgrade anyway, so I bid on one (1) very nice used laptop on ebay and unleashed a dozen scam artists trying, in varying degrees of broken English, to sell me similar or identical units for anywhere from half to two-thirds the current bid. Does anyone actually wire money to any of Spain, Belgium, Netherlands or Romania(!) for a deal that is too good to be true offered from an account at hotmail or yahoo?


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