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2003-10-24 , ,

I borrowed from a colleague Jeff Zeldman’s Designing with Web Standards. Working on user interface isn’t something I relish and standards compliance can be a dull topic but his writing is very entertaining- unusual for a technical book- and the examples are excellent and concise. I’m about two thirds through it and picking up a whole collection of good ideas and techniques.


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2003-10-26 02:11 , paul

That\'s funny. I just ordered it the other day. Web standards aren\'t my forte; as much as I\'d like to adhere to them, I find they interfere with the hacky way that I get things looking right. I\'m hoping Zeldman can manage to make things a little clearer for me. I\'ve been reading his site and A List Apart for years, but it hasn\'t stuck yet.

The reviews on Amazon are mixed, the negative ones claiming it\'s long-winded and a little one-sided. The positive reviews label it \"life changing\" (that\'s pretty sad!). Thanks for your input.

2003-10-29 14:24 , paul

OK, I\'m about 1/10 thorugh the book and it\'s already feeling like a \"life-changing\" read. I think I should considering changing careers.

2003-10-29 21:21 , Ross

You\'re kidding right? It\'s not like you\'ve been killing kittens to make good looking pages.

2003-11-02 19:53 , paul

The day I start feeling as though my life is changing by reading a book on web standards is the day I hang up my genitals for a pocket protector.

But, alas, I am kidding. No matter how much I try to get out, web design keeps pulling me back in.

I could consider a career killing kittens.

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