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Evening out

2003-10-07 , ,

Met my in-laws last night for dinner at Hakata Grill and to see Eddie Izzard’s performance at City Center. I was a little sacked out but we had a great time. As expected, Sexie isn’t so much a scripted show as it is a chance to experience Izzard’s wildly funny meandering aloud through his own mind. He rifled through and circled back over a few dozen things including transvestitism (surprise! and he wears nicely nipped-waisted jackets…), super heroes, air travel, television, Greek and Roman mythology, Neanderthals, balsamic vinaigrette and dentistry. It’s as if the funniest person you’ve ever met in graduate school is with you in a bar dissembling on the state of the world. Only funnier and in high heels.


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