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Bronx cheer to Nortel

2003-10-02 , ,

I picked up a used, as-is Bay Networks BayStack 303 managed switch
this summer for $19. I finally got around to cleaning it up and
testing it and, to my surprise, it worked. It evidently had spent its
time in Norwood, Massachussetts and all I can say is that people
should take the time to properly decommission equipment before it
turns up on Ebay. So I reset it to factory defaults and configured it
for my home network. These were, in 1997, very nice switches and came
complete with a web management interface in addition to serial, telnet
and SNMP. They also came with a number of serious bugs that were fixed
with later releases of the firmware. This one had never been patched
and still had the original 1997 A release. Nortel acquired Bay
Networks years ago and they have conscientiously kept all the Bay (and
Synoptics and Xylogics and Wellfleet…) documentation and updates on
their website even for these long discontinued products. Except that
you can’t get access to the firmware updates without a service
contract. It’s not unreasonable in this industry to give away patches
for products, particularly end-of-lifed ones, but Nortel doesn’t seem
to agree. I’m not looking for a free copy of Optivity- their very nice
network management system, which, by the way, they do allow for a free
download- I just want an existing bug fix.


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2004-04-28 13:45 , jim

I found aproblemw ith their Connectivity 600, but there is no way to tell them since they do not offer support, unless you pay. Then this is not support it is a problem. Oh, well I have a way around the problem, but it would be nice if I did not have to find a work-around next time we install a Connectivity.

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