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Installed Win2k

2003-09-20 , ,

I wish it were because I just had to play around with the material I mentioned in Inside Microsoft Windows 2000 but it wasn’t. I agreed to do some work for a friend involving Active Server Pages and a Java Applet. I figured it would take, at most, four hours to get the two to play nicely together. I figured wrong. Wrong by about 16 hours and still counting.

I became so frustrated with the interaction of the two and the inability of the webhosting service to tell me anything useful (are there no logs? I know IIS can log.), that I spent three more hours today assembling a PC from two incomplete ones that had been given to me and installing a 120-day evaluation copy of Windows 2000 that I had lying around. Then installing additional components to get IIS. Then configuring IIS. And that’s just the start because I want get it
patched up with all the current bugfixes before I do anything and that means multiple trips to the windows update site and that means multiple reboots.

You could just chalk it up as the time needed to get the tools ready but that isn’t all that needs to be done. Now you need to:

If I end up doing any more Windows work- and that’s a big IF- I think I see a small project beforehand to put all of this together into a self-installing archive with the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System.


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