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Drop Bigfoot, drop spam

2003-09-18 , ,

I dumped my bigfoot account a last week and cut my spam down by 95% from upwards of fifty junk messages per day to less than five. When Bigfoot originally came out with the ‘bigfoot for life’ scheme I began using their email forwarding service and figured it would be a throw away account that would disappear after a few months. There was a limited feature set but it pretty much worked and you didn’t have to pay in exchange for occasionally receiving advertisements from their sponsors. Seemed okay and I gave it out to people and had the account on a pgp key. It went on for a while like this but, I speculate, the sponsor idea didn’t pan out and so they started sending advertisements for their value added features. Except, a lot of people like me didn’t think it was particularly valuable and didn’t sign up for the pricey features. When the dot-com spigot ran dry, so did the free lunch and they curtailed the most of the free services but left the basic forwarding and spam filtering. No big deal and I more or less forgot about them. I had long before routed email through other accounts and established a account (which, by the way, is a service very much worth paying for and founded by some very nice people). Then Bigfoot lowered the number of messages that could go through per day. Still no big deal, I had very little going through them. Then they stopped spam filtering. I have to wonder if they didn’t encourage it, perhaps publish my address or maybe lift the per day message limit for these junk messages because my address was not all that widely used and I began receiving increasing amounts of crap. It went on for months. I had even forwarded the bigfoot account through pobox because the filtering was better. I regularly check headers and realized that nearly all the crap- with one exception, an account I used on CPAN- came through this one account. Not any more.


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2003-12-15 13:59 , Darren

I hear you. Bigfoot definitely has a HUGE spam problem. I re-routed my email from three accounts to one empty one - just to test how much spam was coming through my account. My inbox went from over 50 spam messages per day to one per day (if any at all.) Pretty expensive service to pay for with no protection from spam. Not worth the money or loss of time.

2003-12-18 07:57 , John

I agree too. I\'ve used Bigfoot for a long time, as a main addres, with no problems. I got maybe a couple of spams a day, at most.

Then they announced their new \"Anti-Spam\" service (that you have to pay for, natch). Offered a free 30-day trial, which involved sending you the message headers with a \"Blocked by our spam filter\" tag or something like that, to show you how valuable it would be to you.

When the trial ran out, my spam levels went through the roof. I now get about 50-100 a day (compared to maybe 5-10 real messages).

I could put it down to just my address getting around, but I set one up for my wife too much more recently. She is a light user - no mailing lists, no usenet, etc, so her address should be off the spam lists. However, she gets as much as me via Bigfoot too.

I think they pushed their address list out to spammers, just to encourage people to buy their anti-spam tool.

Worse than that, I pay for my account, but my wife is on the free one. Often, real messages get bounced because she has hit her forwarding limit (because of spam)!

I\'ve put up with it for a year or more, but frankly the pain of changing address is become less than the pain of staying with Bigfoot!

Off to check out your recommendation...

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