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This gave me a laugh

2003-06-17 , ,

Subject: Thanks

Dear squi^H^H^H^Hdumbas^H^H^H^H^HRC51 rider headed south on Rt. 12 in Keen (NH) today around 3pm. Thank you for giving me the one wheel salute instead of just waving to me like most people do. I would have waved back, but I was both astonished and distracted. These two guys in a dark blue Crown Victoria with a big light bar on top that had been following me closely for the last few miles and were making me nervous. I don’t know if they just wanted to follow closely or they didn’t like my semi-illegal Hyper-lites1 and were waiting for me to do something stupid, but I was devoting way too much attention to my speed instead of traffic. As soon as you passed they pulled off on the shoulder and made a U-turn. It made the rest of my ride out of Keen much more enjoyable.

[1] The state troopers pulled up behind me at a red light when my Hyperlites were on. Hyperlites are bright flashing LEDs right above my license plate that come on when I apply the brakes. The LEDs are supposed to make people notice the stopped/stopping motorcycle, but technically only emergency vehicles can have flashing red lights on their vehicles in NH.


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