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2003-05-01 , ,

Even though I work in midtown I rarely go out there but Maria’s been taking advantage the TDF program through work to buy discount tickets. It’s sort of like a midweek date, except we’re married, to each other, so we go out to dinner before the show. I don’t particularly like musicals but she wanted to see Zanna Don’t! last night. It was a campy, slightly gimmicky fairy tale about an alternate highschool world where everyone is happy (at first), roles are reversed and gay is the norm… until a heterosexual couple emerges. Entertaining and some of the dialog was very sly and funny. Last week we took in The Play What I Wrote a London import about a comedy team on the skids reunited under pretenses of staging on Broadway a play written by one of the duo. It had all the expected prat falls, slapstick, recycled vaudeville jokes, cleverness and, unexpected, a guest star announced during the play. I’ve read the past month’s playbill so many times that I think I’ve nearly memorized every page.


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