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New project/new domain, an anonymous email

2003-04-11 , ,

Maria started working out the plans for a personal project
(excellent ideas, primary source, social research… can’t write about
until it’s formally under way) so I registered the domain on Saturday
morning and assembled the beginnings of a nice webpage for it. Today,
after it propagated, it took all of two minutes to set up href="">dns, another five to add the
site to apache and fifteen minutes
for me to read the FAQ
and double check against href="">Life with QMail
before spending a little less than a minute- including sending test
messages- setting up the virtualdomain for email. Good tools make the
work go faster.

Got an anonymous email sent through the href=""> node owner
contact form the other day from someone in the neighborhood who was
using my href="http://localhost/~lonstein/wireless/wireless.html">public
wireless access point. I’ve received many messages along the lines
of "How do I set up my laptop?", "How much do you
charge?", "How can I do this myself?" and (cluelessly)
"I’m in another borough ten miles away, how do I get
access?" but this was the first thanking me. Cool.


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