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2003-04-01 , ,

Just finished reading Luke Hohmann’s Journey of the Software Professional. Thought-provoking stuff but not the kind of book you can just breeze through in a single reading. I was prepared to hate this book but, in fact, I enjoyed it and despite being five years old the material still seems pretty fresh. The chapters on meta-cognition and process/structure/outcome had me putting the book aside to mull over how I work. The chapter on personality type and development style resonated with me- it’s amusing (and a little surprising) to read a summary of typical behaviors and work styles and see yourself clearly in one description. After having been wrung through one too many Quality fairs, Leadership programs and Culture projects, I glazed over while reading the last few chapters. At least I know where the trainers got that stuff even if they didn’t get it right in translation. I’ll have to revisit the book in a few months and see what else I pick up.


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