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Not a joke, but it should be...

2003-03-31 , ,

Maria received a registration form for a professional conference that included a statement but no schedule:

Commitment to an open, accessible conference
Some meeting participants experience extreme sensitivity and reactions to scented products, including cologne, aftershave, scented lotions, powders, deodorants and hair products. The board and conference organizers request that all who attend refrain from the use of scented products throughout the conference, using scent-free substitutes that are widely available.

Three things come to mind:
  1. Would you want to attend a late-summer conference in the Southern U.S. that featured this statement?
  2. What kind of people are attending that this statement is more important than the list of presenters?
  3. If the personal care products used by the person sitting nearby is a big deal for you, what transportation, hotel or restaurant could you possibly use?


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