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Glum spring days

2003-03-29 , ,

I’m teetering at the edge of my annual springtime blue mood. It started Friday and by evening I was truly crabby. Maria, having seen it each of the last ten years, recognized the funk immediately and tried to shake me out of it. We took a "mystery tour", a car ride with no particular destination, through the towns of Northern New Jersey, into the mountains and lake region and up into New York. It’s a chance to look at the scenery (me) and houses (Maria) and talk with neither of us on any schedule. The reservoirs are over-full and the leaves are about to burst out. The trees that stand on the rocky little islands in the lakes are half-submerged and the low fog at the water’s surface made them look eerie in the late morning overcast light. It started out fine, but when the rain moved in I felt sulky. At least this year I don’t need to wallow in questions about work. That leaves motorcycling (I don’t do enough), getting old, where we live and what we’re doing to churn over. Came home and after moping around for a few hours and being generally agitated, provoked an argument. That didn’t leave either of us feeling any better. I couldn’t sleep and stayed up way too late even for a weekend. Woke up and all day my mood has been seesawing.


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