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What I'm listening to...

2003-03-08 , ,

It’s not the local commercial stations, thanks.

  • WFMU Free-form, independent radio broadcasting FM near NYC with simulcast in mp3. I love it even though it’s a hit or a miss what I’ll hear… might be Afro-Cuban beats segued into post-punk leading to Japanese pop or it might be someone droning about collegiate sports.
  • SomaFM Listener supported, commercial free internet radio. Particularly the mp3 casts Groove Salad, Beat Blender and Indie Pop. Very cool eclectic stuff.
  • WAMC Northeast Public Radio. Alan Chartock’s gift to New York and New England in mp3 and RealAudio stream. I practically grew up on it (okay, I’m not that young, but by the time I was old enough to appreciate it, WAMC was on the air) and hearing it again is great.

I’d like to listen to National Public Radio’s feed itself, but sadly, they only run Windows Media and Quicktime streams. And I’m fond of WBGO, a public radio Jazz station out of Newark, but their RealAudio feed hangs XMMS.


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